– My heart doesn’t beat properly unless I write or speak about Crete, which became my homestead  in the midsummer of 1981. First I fell in love with the island, then the man, and after that to the Cretan food that the man made. I fell head over heels for the green gold of the island, olive oil and olive tree. I started to write about the island which I toured several times, red everything that I could find written about the island. Summer of -85, my first guidebook was born, and right after that my first daughter. Second guidebook came four years later. I’ve only had time to give birth to two daughters, but guide and cookbooks I create once every five-six years. One thing lead to another and in some points I left Crete to come work back in Finland in the legendary Knossos-restaurants, which I helped to create. The quick visit to Finland turned into ten years, until 2011 I came back to Crete for a month. It became the longest month of my life. It’s still going on.

I have unconditional love for this island. That’s why this webpage exists. I hope to pass on some experiences that I’ve had on this Island to my readers. The island has raised me and made me an adult. It taught me to respect another culture, even though I won’t accept every aspect of it. It has treated me well. In the words of Kazantzaki’s : “ There are three kinds of people. People who peel the eggs, people who eat the eggs with their shells, and people, who after they have finished eating the egg, eat the plate where the eggs were on; the latter ones are called Cretans.

– Merja Tuominen-Gialitaki


Vårt program måndagar, tisdagar & onsdagar 2013 :

En Dag i det Goda Livets Farm

En lättjefull dag med vinskörd